How to Play Maniac

How to Play Maniac

There are a lot of different types of poker, but Maniac is one of the most popular. It involves 5-8 players at the table with a single deck of cards, which means it takes a lot of skill. It’s a game I’ve played a lot of, but only a few know how to play properly. I’ll teach you some of the basics, and as you progress you can study the rule, but for now, let’s talk about how to play.

When you go to a regular mega88 room, there will always be a Maniac table. This is where the table is full of players who are playing maniac. They’ll be sitting on their phones, constantly checking their phone, or otherwise distracted. This is honestly not that difficult to do, but with all the distractions, you can’t be sure who you’re playing with. If you sit down, it’s just like sitting at the regular poker table. The strategy here is essentially the same as the regular poker. You just sit somewhere else.

When you sit down, you are dealt three cards. Your initial bet is $1. The first play is $5, then $10, then $15. You do not raise your play. You must consciously think of what your raise is according to the abnormal play you’ve seen from your opponents. If you’re in the middle of a hand, you could raise as low as $1 to-$1. Obviously, every different player at the table sees it differently, but that’s how they’ll react.

Now you’re in the hand you’ve been waiting for, the nuts. If you’re playing the regular game, and an ace or king comes on the flop, you’re pretty sure you have the best hand. You may certainly think you have the best hand, but that’s just how you must play in this situation. The last thing you want is all your chips in the middle if you’re not sure. If you raise, you will scare some players off just to keep everybody in. If you’re not sure, just check or call.

If there are other players in the hand, you want to raise as well. You’ll need help from the flop or the turn to be sure you have the best hand, though. That’s why it’s so important you make sure there’s a lot of players in the pot before you go all-in.

There’s no way to predict a flop, but it’s helpful to pay attention to possible hands like suited connectors. If you see one in the middle, it’s a sign you could be right. A flop like 6-7-8 or 5-6-7, for example, could hint to higher straight or flush draws. That, of course, would only make your case stronger if the card came on the turn.

With a weak hand, consider yourself lucky. Don’t overspend yourself trying to make your hand. Every hand is a new chance to win, but weaker hands won’t have many good chances to win at all. It’s a very simple concept: you want to win when you have the best hand, but you want to lose rarely.

This is the basic strategy of winning with AA and KK. If you follow it, you should be a winning player, easily.

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