Playing Poker

Playing Poker

Position is practically the deciding factor in a game of poker when you are playing the crucial high stakes. Once a player gets his starting hand, the position in relation to the button can make aLegendarily significant difference, and many inexperienced players have no idea as to when it is the best time to muck, or to get out of position.

Contrary to what you might have heard, mucking out of position is a big mistake. In no limit, no holdem, especially with a big raise, if you try to muck out of position, you are throwing your money away. The vast majority of the time, a player should have a great hand to start with, and simply let the cards fall where they may. Often, the flop will provide the perfect impression to leave your nice hand, and go try another one. In position, you have at least a few opportunities to win.

Position is more of a dynamic entity than a static one. Unlike in holdem, you never know if your pocket aces are good. Because of the many dynamics of poker, your position is never static. You are constantly in the action, or remove you from it.

They say that tight is mostly a style of play, but in dewagg its not really all that simple. Sure, there are a select few truly great players that only play in position, but beyond those few an average player never really knows what to do. Sure, you can’t tell the guy next to you from three seats away, but sure, you can tell him that his pocket aces aren’t good.

Lets face it, you can’t control what cards drop. You are not on a clock, and there are literally millions of people at the table. How do you know what cards are going to drop, unless you have advance spying?

And, no I don’t mean about reading literature. I’m talking about actual, physical presence. How can you feel in your pocket, or on your shirt, or in your wallet? Unless you are some kind of beholder, there are no tells. That’s not to say that you can’t read other players, because you can. You read they are strong or weak, because you see them make a move later. But you can’t do it physically, or with your hands.

My philosophy on playing poker is, “If you don’t play from position, you are playing wrong.” If you never learn about position, you will never be able to win. Period. The players that are the most successful, are always those that know how to get position working in their favor. Playing from position is simply the most important aspect of winning poker.

How to get in position is probably the most important single concept in Texas Holdem. If you never learn about it, you will never be able to win. On all other factors, aside from knowing the cards, your opponents are also in position. Learn how to use your position at the table to your advantage, and you will be on your way to winning.